Agriculture & Livestock Training Academy /4 Modules,78 days /Cattle/Sheep/Pig/PoultryWe see to the farmers training needs & basic operational requirements. Workable management methods are discussed where each individual farmer’s circumstances are taken into consideration as they vary depending on location, climatic conditions, cattle breed and management intensity. 

Courses can be offered and scheduled on request. However, fixed monthly & bi-monthly courses are offered within South Africa & Namibia, please refer to our Course Schedule. 

Please feel free to contact us for further details regarding the under mentioned Courses and Services.

Regular Training Courses:

Artificial Insemination / Cattle - 3 Days
Registered AI Course / Cattle - additional 3 Days
Pregnancy Awareness / Cattle - 1 Day
Calf Rearing Management Course - 1 Day
Feed Management Course Cattle – 2 Days
Animal Husbandry (Stockman's) Course / Cattle - 2 Days

Other Training Courses:

Embryo Transfer Course / Cattle - 3 Days
Registered Semen Collection and Freezing  / Cattle - 4 Days

Sheep AI Course - 3 Days
Registered Sheep AI Course - additional 2 Days

Pig AI & Management Course - 2 Days
Registered Pig AI Course - additional 1 Day
Pig Semen Collection Course - 1 Day
Registered Pig Semen Collection Course - additional 1 Day

Agriculture & Livestock Training Academy
Training Academy -Full Spectrum(all Modules), 78 days , 4 Modules
Agriculture & Livestock Training Academy - Select multiple or single modules /Cattle/Sheep/Pig/Poultry

Services / Consultancy (subject to enquiries):
Artificial Insemination Services Cattle & Sheep
Pregnancy Diagnosis Cattle
Synchronization Cattle & Sheep
Semen Collection Processing & Evaluation
Sheath Wash Cattle
Consultant services on specification

Dept of Agriculture RSA Accredited Registration Number:
Andy Rothman: 62/98/S-1169
Norman Rothman: 62/98/I-1619

For all our Courses Training Terms and Conditions apply.

Application form and Course fees

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